Avocado Smoothie Breakfast Bowl

IMG_4521 copy???????????????????????????????Bowl of magic.
Only adequate description for this smoothie bowl. Delicious magic, too. Look at that greeness pop!
IMG_4536 copyIMG_4528 copyThis is my latest concoction in the form of a smoothie in a bowl (not forgetting the decadent toppings!). When I first came across the concept of putting a smoothie in anything other than my usual copious glass jar, I didn’t think it made any sense. Now, however, self-conversion has reaped this masterpiece which is sure to become a regular future breakfast.IMG_4470 copy???????????????????????????????

After gulping and munching this down, I had to dash off to make my Core Fusion gym class in time. The instructor had changed around the exercises a bit, and I was delighted to hear that the groans of pain and distress were coming from the majority of the male numbers of the group! I’ve booked a fitness training session for next week; I always do the same thing at the gym, mostly cardio, so it will be good to try out some new exercises based on strength training.

I’ve had an altogether over-indulgent two weeks, what with Prague’s twice daily outings to “LoVeg” and this week’s reunion(s) with Cornucopia. I’m also liking Umi on Dame Street, a falafal bar, though I think they go way overboard with the dip and sauce portions. Today’s fix is Blazing Salads! It’s been a busy week, in a leisurely way. Bakermat’s gig tonight promises a night of sax and laughs with the usual mad company!

The base ingredients for the avocado smoothie are simple, clean, nutritious and packed with revitalising energy.

~1 Avocado (chopped and frozen)
~1 Banana (chopped and frozen)
~1 Cucumber
~1 cup Coconut Water

The idea of putting one full whole cucumber into your breakfast doesn’t seem the most appealing, but in a smoothie it is so refreshing and the flavour is quite mild, so this is the best way to introduce green juices into your life! Avocados contain so many important nutrients. While I love eating them with everything in every way, a lot of (strange) people don’t seem to be on a similar wave-length; however when blitzed with the banana and cucumber, this smoothie is light and hydrating, and doesn’t taste overpoweringly green!
IMG_4442 copyIMG_4460 copy
Get creative with toppings. This goes for just about any recipe – especially when served in a bowl!

~Raw Buckwheat Granola
~Coconut Flakes
~Hemp Seeds
IMG_4511 copyIMG_4515 copyIMG_4516 copy
The coconut went really well with the smoothie mixture, and I love a bit of raw granola to add a bit of crunch. Yes, magic!
IMG_4563 copyIMG_4467 copyIMG_4558 copy

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